States Require Current and Accurate Information

  • Change of name or address
  • New registered agent
  • Number of authorized shares


It’s quite common for a corporation or LLC to need changes in the information on file with the state. Typical changes include:

  • Name of the business
  • Adding or removing shareholders or members
  • Updating business contact information
  • Changing the Registered Agent
  • Updating the description of business activities
  • Changing the number of authorized shares

Changing this or other information that was included in the Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization requires that the business file Articles of Amendment to reflect the changes. Launch by LegalShield will prepare all necessary documents for your review and signature, and then complete your filings with the state.

The process is simple

  1. You provide us with basic information about your business
  2. We create the documentation that you need
  3. You sign the documents and return to us for filing
  4. You’ll receive final documents from the State and you’re done

File an Article of Amendment
Starting at $145


1What if I want to change the name of my company?
The only way to change the legal name of a state-level entity such as a corporation or LLC is to file an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation/Organization.
2How do I change the number, class, or par value, of shares that my corporation is authorized to issue?
In most states, the only way to change authorized share information is to file an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation.
3What other information can I change by filing an amendment?
In addition to changing company name or authorized shares, the filing of Articles of Amendment can change the following information if desired:
  • The name and address of the registered agent
  • The principal office address
  • The names and addresses of directors or members
  • The description of business activities
  • Any other information included in the Articles of Incorporation/Organization
4I do not know my entity filing date or filing number. Where can I find this information?
Generally, the entity filing number and the filing date can be found our original articles of incorporation/organization. If you are unable to locate your formation documents, we will research the state database to obtain the number on your behalf.
5Does amending my name require a name check?
To make sure that your choice is available, Launch by LegalShield will conduct a preliminary, non-binding, name availability check before submitting your documents to the state office. It is important to note that the name you request is not final until your state officials approve. Never rely on a corporate name check until after you have received a copy of your amendment stamped with the state’s approval.

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