Terminate your entity under state law

  • Dissolve your business on your timetable
  • Avoid potential ongoing fees
  • We handle filings with the state


If you need to close your business, it’s important to terminate your business entity.  You may close the doors, but without a formal termination of the entity, you could still be charged with continuing fees or taxes associated your business. Some states will administratively dissolve an entity that has not filed its annual reports and paid the required renewals, but it’s best to handle the Dissolution proactively to be certain that the fees stop on your timetable. As long as your company has an open account with the state, you will be considered “in business.”

Articles of Dissolution (sometimes also known as Certificates of Cancellation/Dissolution) are a must when terminating a Corporation or LLC. Launch by LegalShield is able to prepare your Articles of Dissolution for your review and submission to the appropriate state agency in any of the 50 states.

The process is simple

  1. You provide us with basic information about your business
  2. We create the documentation that you need
  3. You sign the documents and return to us for filing
  4. You’ll receive completed documents from the State and you’re done

Formally Close a Business Online 
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1How do I officially dissolve, cancel, or terminate my Corporation/LLC?
To end the existence of a corporation or LLC, an entity must file Articles of Dissolution or other form of dissolution or cancellation documents with the Secretary of State. Requirements vary by jurisdiction. In some states, a simple certificate must be filed; in others, tax clearances and other preliminary procedures must be carried out.
2I do not know my entity filing date or filing number. Where can I find this information?
Generally, the entity filing number and the filing date can be found on original articles of incorporation/organization. If you are unable to locate your formation documents, we will research the state database to obtain the number on your behalf.
3What if my company does have debts or liabilities?
Some states require a statement on the dissolution documents declaring whether or not a company has debts and/or liabilities and, if so, if provisions have been made to satisfy such debts/liabilities. In cases where a company does have debts/liabilities, whether satisfied or not, some states may have additional legal requirements upon dissolution.
4What if my company does have assets?
Some states require a statement on the dissolution documents declaring whether or not a company has assets and, if so, a statement that such assets have been distributed to the interested parties.

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